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Frequently asked questions About Being a vendor 

How much does it cost to be a vendor?

$100 for a 15×15 booth for two days.

Can you provide power?

It is not standard for every spot but we can provide upon request

When can I set up?

Typically, setup begins the day before. Setup must be complete by 30 minutes before the scheduled opening time.

Do you have overnight security?

We keep the market lit and keep an eye on things – but we do not provide all-night security. You should lock up or take with you anything you may worry about, though we’ve never had any issues.

What is the process to become a vendor?

Fill out the vendor request form and provide us with sample pictures of your goods.

Do you take vendors who aren't "vintage?"

We take a limited number of non-vintage vendors, but aim to have 85% of our vendors be vintage.

Do you have Internet?

We will have a wifi hotspot available that you should be able to connect to.